WATCH: Cameron Diaz Plays Roller Golf, Admits to Pranking Jimmy Fallon’s Daughter on “The Tonight Show”

Apparently the actress pulled a prank on Jimmy Fallon's daughter.

Cameron Diaz stopped by "The Tonight Show" to play a wild game mixing miniature golf and roller derby--aptly named roller golf-- with host Jimmy Fallon.

But first, Diaz wanted to chat about Drew Barrymore and husband Will Kopelman's daughter who was born on Tuesday. Apparently the "The Other Woman" star helped coach Barrymore before the baby came into the world.

"I spent the weekend with her and Will and I got her game face on for the birth, making sure she was ready and she was like 'I'm so ready! Get it out of me!'" Diaz said.

Then, Fallon asked Diaz if she was going to prank Barrymore's baby like she did his baby.

"My baby was six weeks old and we were hanging out at a bachelorette party and you put her hand in a cup of warm water," Fallon explained, before revealing a photo of the prank.

"She fell asleep first, that's what happens when you fall asleep at a party," Diaz said.

"She's a baby Cameron!" Fallon shouted.

Finally, Fallon and Diaz played a treacherous game of roller golf with rug traps and a dancing panda. Yes, a dancing panda.

Watch the two play above, and check out the hilarious baby pranking photo in the video below.

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