Cameron Diaz On Working With Justin Timberlake: “No Big Deal”

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake dated for over three years before breaking up in 2006 - but they are due to reunite onscreen in the upcoming comedy "Bad Teacher." 

Diaz, however, is quick to dispel any notion that the exes had any residual awkwardness.

"No, it's great. Justin and I have always had a good laugh together, and to make a movie where we get to have a laugh together, and there really was no one else who was more perfect for this part," Diaz said, while accepting her Female Star of the Year award at CInemaCon in Las Vegas.

"[Justin] is a genius comedian. . . he's clearly talented. We went for the best person for the job, and it just so happened that it was him. And he delivers."

And she wasn't even close to done gushing about the singer, who was still with Jessica Biel during filming of "Bad Teacher" (DIaz, of course, is cozy with New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriquez).

"He's frickin' weird in movies," says Diaz of Timberlake. "He's so bizarre and hilarious. I say that with great respect to his character and what he's done!"

"Bad Teacher" opens everywhere June 24th.

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