Bryan Cranston Cast as “Total Recall” Bad Guy

"Breaking Bad" has not only led to a ton of film work for Bryan Cranston, it's also helped go progressively darker--we're all for it.

Cranston's next heavy will be Vilos Cohaagen in the "Total Recall" remake starring Colin Farrell, reported Variety. The film is being directed by Len Wiseman, who helmed "Live Free or Die Hard."

"Total Recall" is based on the short story by Phillip K. Dick, "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale." As with each film incarnation of a Dick story, this new is a bit different.

The next film will star Farrell as Douglas Quaid, a factory worker who comes to think he's a spy, but he's not sure which nation state, Euromerica or New Shanghai, he's working for. Cohaagen (Cranston) is the leader of Euromerica, and is planning to invade New Shanghai.

We've been impressed by Farrell's career reclamation, thrilled by Cranston's success and we're among the very few who loved Wiseman's take on "Die Hard." Not to damn it with faint praise, but to our minds this is already shaping up to be far better than Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1991 version.

Cranston can currently be seen in "The Lincoln Lawyer," appears in "Larry Crowne" July 1. And throughout the year he'll be seen in "Red Tails," "Drive" and " Contagion." Keep 'em coming, man.

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