Brandy's “Dancing” Blog, #3: Brandy Answers Your Questions

We asked you for your questions for our guest 'Dancing' blogger, Brandy, and she's answering!

Her responses to what you wanted to know… below!

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Kitty Alva: Hi AC & Brandy. If you're in the final 2 who would you like to dance off against and what would be the style you'd choose?

ANSWER: Everyone is so great! It doesn't matter who it is, I would be so blessed to get to the final two. I would love to do the Jive again so I could make up for the first Jive performance in Week 2.

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Heather Clausen: What is your take on Bruno's treatment of Michael Bolton?

ANSWER: I was very impressed with the way Mr. Bolton handled himself. He was very gracious, classy and professional!

Sara Nichols: Do you still do music or (are) you just being a reality star? What do you think of having Bristol Palin as competition? What do you think of her mom Sarah Palin?

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ANSWER: Music will always be my first love. It's what I do when I awake in the morning and when before I close my eyes at night. I'm pleased to be able to have a reality show – Family Business – with my family and I'm in the process of recording an album that should be released in 2011.

I'm very proud of Bristol, she's doing awesome! Her mom is very supportive and I really admire moms who, no matter how busy, support their children!

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Taiwana Cade: Wow, That is a shock. How come you haven't (come) out with any new songs yet? Your old ones are still cool though but it would be nice if you came out (with) some new songs.

ANSWER: Taiwana, I'm working hard to record my next album! I'm listening to songs daily and I'm recording when time permits. I look forward to being back on the music scene really soon :) Thank you for continuing to listen to my music and I'm looking forward to releasing new songs for my stars and fans really soon :)

Fran Sudano: What is it like having (Maks) as a partner? He is a fantastic dancer, but read that he can be somewhat difficult… as a teacher.

ANSWER: I have a great partner in Maks! He's a professional, knows his dances and a great choreographer. I'm his biggest fan and I'm blessed to have someone to push me to my fullest potential and bring out the best in me :)

Sharon Davis: My daughter is your BIGGEST FAN along with the members of The Goodwill V.I.N.T.A Youth Ambassadors. The kids have 2 Q - 1. How many hours a day do have to practice. 2. Is it hard dancing in high heels. And three of the (girls) in the group (say)… tell your godmother hi

ANSWER: I practice 6 hours a day and it is very hard for me to walk in heels let alone dance in them :). I'd like to encourage members of The Good will V.I.N.T.A. Youth Ambassadors to stay positive, stay in school, listen to your parents, and remember dreams can come true.

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