Bill Hader Brings Stefon Back to “Saturday Night Live”

Fan-favorite character, Stefon, returned to the "Weekend Update"

Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Bill Hader made his hosting debut on the show this week, bringing back some fan-favorite characters and cast members.

"I am so nervous, this is not a joke," Hader, who left "SNL" in 2013 after eight seasons and currently stars alongside fellow "SNL" alum Kristen Wiig in the film "The Skeleton Twins," said during his opening monologue.

"One thing I never did here was sing because my singing voice is not for everyone — it kind of sounds like Harvey Firestein," he continued. "And even though I always dreamed of singing on the show, I'm not going to put you through that."

That's when Wiig walked out on stage saying, "I think you should." She eventually convinced him to sing, but immediately stopped him after realizing how terrible he was.

"With love -- yikes," she said in reaction to his singing skills. 

"Don't listen to her," said Harvey Fierstein as he stormed on stage. "Billy, you're putting too much pressure on yourself, you've got to sing just like me." 

And the two sang together as Wiig pretended to play the saxophone.

During "Weekend Update," fan-favorite character, Stefon, (Hader) returned to the desk in his role as City Correspondent to talk about tourist activities in New York City.

"How long have I been under anesthesia," Stefon asked, baffled to see Colin Jost and Michael Che as "Update "co-anchors instead of Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong.

"How's Seth doing? Did he come with you?" Che asked Stefon, who married Meyers in a mock ceremony during his last "Update" scene in May 2013.

"No, he's at home, practicing how to sit behind a desk," said Stefon, referring to Meyers' new role as host of "Late Night."

Stefon went on to describe a variety New York's hottest clubs — and almost broke character by laughing.

Hader also brought back another "SNL" character, New York local news reporter Herb Welch, during a spoof segment of "WXPD News, New York," covering a high school abstinence protest.

The episode took a somber turn when former cast member, Jan Hooks, who passed away on Oct. 9., was remembered in a tribute.

"She was one of the best there ever was and her influence is clear in every one of us whose been here since," said Wiig.

Hook's 1988 sketch, "Love Is But a Dream" followed. It starred Phil Hartman who passed away in 1998.

Musical guest Hozier performed "Take Me to Church" and "Angel of Small Death."

"SNL" returns on October 25 with host Jim Carrey and musical guest Iggy Azalea. 

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