Beverly Hills Surgeon Comes to Rescue in ‘Gorilla Glue' Hair Catastrophe

The doctor offered to help after he saw a video of Tessica Brown’s painful plight

Gorilla Glue's Spray Adhesive.
Gorilla Glue

A Louisiana woman who went viral online for using Gorilla Glue on her hair after she ran out of hairspray traveled to Beverly Hills to get help from a plastic surgeon Wednesday.

The doctor offered to help after he saw a video of Tessica Brown’s painful plight. Brown arrived in Los Angeles Wednesday morning on her way to the Beverly Hills office of plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng.

He offered to help after seeing a video Brown posted on TikTok, confessing that when she ran out of her usual hair product she used Gorilla Glue spray adhesive, and her hair hasn’t moved in a month.

Brown has been documenting her agony online. She took a trip to the emergency room, but that didn’t help. Neither did assistance from a friend who cut off her ponytail.

A GoFundMe page has raised more than $18,000.

In an interview with TMZ, Brown said she’s still in excruciating pain.

“The headaches got worse, the tingling got worse. We couldn’t think of nothing else to do so I went to social media with it,” she said. 

Her videos prompted Dr. Obeng to offer help. Originally from Ghana, he runs a charity providing free medical services and has experience with burn victims.

“The goal is to be able to dissolve the glue and not burn her scalp,” Obeng said. 

Gorilla Glue tweeted a statement saying: “This is a unique situation because this product is not indicated for use in or on hair as it is considered permanent. Our spray adhesive states in the warning label ‘Do not swallow. Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing.’”

Late this afternoon, Dr. Obeng said after working with Brown for more than an hour, the procedure was successful.

“We had to use chemicals that were safe and wouldn’t cause burns to the scalp and detangle. The scalp is healthy, and she’s doing great,” he said.

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