Barbra Streisand Latest to Apologize to “Glee”

Thou Shalt Not Disparage "Glee."

There is a new unspoken rule in Hollywood - if you don't have something nice to say about "Glee," don't say anything at all. The insanely popular show has gone from being the quirky little feel-good sitcom to an 800-pound gorilla that you must never, ever, look directly in the eyes or it will crush you.

The latest casualty of this ridiculous fawning is none other than Barbra Streisand. That's right, not even the Diva to end all Divas is safe from the wrath of high school kids lip-synching to Katy Perry.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Barbra is now backtracking on comments she made at the Grammy's MusiCares tribute event. When asked if she would ever consider a role on "Glee," she responded, "Not if I can help it." 

Well, the outrage of bleary-eyed "Glee" devotees was apparently enough to make Barbra run to her web site and print a quick and overly deferential apology to the show's stars and creators lest she wake up to a bloody pom-pom in her mailbox.

This, of course, follows the recent Twitter war between "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy and members of the band Kings of Leon (another group of musicians who dared defy the show's need for move cover tunes) and Murphy's crusade to make fans boycott "Newsweek" because the magazine dared to not be charmed by the show.

At this point, they're no longer "Gleeks." They're "Gleektators." 

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