“Bachelor” Jake’s Second Tango With Reality TV May Stumble


In one of the most seamless reality show two-steps ever, Jake Pavelka went from proposing to his choice on "The Bachelor" to accepting the challenge of "Dancing with the Stars" faster than you can say commercial break.

Easy right?

The fun likely stops here for the six-packed model of sincerity. He started off his wild ride in a room where 25 women at least pretended he was the most fascinating man on earth and where even the lamest joke brought guffaws from his female admirers. True reality in the form of three actual judges is one spinning mirror ball away. And it's not going to be pretty.

We're ready to be surprised, but even the few bits of dancing we've seen from Jake on his current non-dancing show have been carefully edited. And yet they have still not been pretty.

Melissa Rycroft, who ushered in the new "Dancing" picks on Monday, came from "The Bachelor." But she had extensive dance experience and rocked it when she hit DWTS. The combination of skill, personality and a loyal existing following makes a contestant like this exceedingly formidable.

Jake's patented sincere/hopeful look (head slightly down, forehead wrinkled) isn't likely to work on a panel of unforgiving judges. The pecs could help with the right costume and choreography, though. In the end, the guy who broke two dozen hearts on his first dance with reality TV is likely to find out it's his on the line this time.

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