“Arrested Development” Creator Is Sure Show Will Be Turned Into Movie

Arrested Development probably won't end with the upcoming fifth season on Netflix.

Although no deal is in place just yet, the show's creator said he's sure they will be able to bring the comedy to the big screen.

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"I'm confident that we will succeed at that," show creator Mitch Hurwitz said during a SXSW Q&A with Will Arnett and Jeffrey Tambor at the Samsung Galaxy Experience Lounge.

Arnett said the 14 episodes on Netflix set things up for a big screen treatment.

"There is a bigger story out there that does exist," he teased.

Speaking of a bigger story, Hurwitz showed two never-before-seen clips from season five during the Q&A.

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The first featured Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter) smoking a cigarette and blowing the smoke into Buster's (Tony Hale) mouth because she's not allowed to light up in the apartment or go outside on the terrace. It's both hysterical and grotesque.

A second clip featured Michael (Jason Bateman) with a black eye, with him explaining to Gob (Arnett) that something horrible happened to him.

Hurwitz said he originally planned a movie first but went with a new season because he had so much story to tell.

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