Anne Hathaway Ready to Have a Baby: “I Hope to Join the Ranks Soon”

Actress talks desire to be a mom and manically hosting the Oscars during Hollywood Reporter roundtable with other possible Oscar contenders.

Sounds like Anne Hathaway is ready for another life-changing moment!

"I'm the only one here who's not a mother. I hope to join the ranks soon," the recently married "Les Miserables" star said during a roundtable discussion with other possible Oscar contenders, all of them moms, put on by The Hollywood Reporter.

Responding to Amy Adams' misgivings about the paparazzi who just love to snap pics of celebrity moms with their kids, Hathaway identified with Adams' notion that she needed to better control her anger at the offending shutterbugs in public.

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"I'm thinking about that because I really want to have a baby, and my husband and I are like, 'Where are we gonna live?'" she mused.

"Come to France, we have laws!" encouraged Marion Cotillard, referring to the country's strict invasion-of-privacy statutes. (The rags that published topless photos of Kate Middleton is well-acquainted with them.)

But while Hathaway was the only woman at the table who hasn't had a baby yet, she was the only one who had hosted the Oscars. For better or for worse.

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"Oh, scars," she cracked when THR asked about her much-maligned appearance alongside her not-in-it-to-win-it cohost James Franco.

Well, Helen Hunt thought she was great, at least.

"Thanks!" Hathaway exclaimed. "I went into it with a lot of trust and a lot of hope, and I had a blast doing it. And I realized afterwards, I played to the house. It's a 3,500-seat theater, so I was just shooting energy to the back of it and it was like a party! It was great! And I think it looked slightly manic and 'hyper-cheerleadery' onscreen. But I have no regrets about doing it."

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But, "whether or not it was an actual failure, it was perceived as a massive failure--by this wonderful media that buys pictures of your daughter," she added, nodding to Adams.

Sally Field, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts were the other mothers rounding out the panel.

"Maybe we can do the female version of 'The Hangover,'" Weisz suggested to her fellow actresses. "All of us on a 24-hour bender."

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