Anna Faris to Star in Semi-Autobiographical Stalker Comedy

When life hands you a stalker, make lemonade.

Anna Faris recently shared with her agent and manager a real-life encounter the comedienne had with a stalker, a tale they found so funny they decided to pitch it, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lo and behold, it's been picked up and a script is being developed by Deanna Kizis, who helped develop the original plot.

Faris was recently the subject of a profile in New Yorker (subscription required), in which she confessed her regret for having done the notorious mid-coitus vomit scene with Seth Rogen in "Observe & Report," and expressed glee at how badly "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" tanked. It would appear that maybe her team is determined to help her develop her own vehicles going forward.

We understand wanting to be the master of your own destiny, it's always a smart play, but we really liked "Observe & Report," and thought she was great in it. Now "Yogi Bear" and "Take Me Home Tonight"? Those are projects worthy of regret.

Faris can next be seen opposite Chris Evans Sept. 30 in "What's Your Number?," about a woman who looks back on the plethora of men she's --ahem-- dated, and worries that one of them may have been The One.

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