And The Fittest Region In America Is…

And The Fittest Region In America Is...

Do you live in a physically active region?

The Wall Street Journal, reported the findings of real estate website Trulia, on which region is the "fittest" of them all. Researchers compared listings that included workout amenities in homes to find which region can be hailed as the "fittest" (if "fittest" means the residents have built a fitness facility of some kind in their home.) It found that (get ready for it) the South wins, with 17.7 percent of single-family homes mentioning some sort of fitness amenity.
The West came in second, with 15.1 percent of listings mentioning a fitness feature. Next was the Northwest, with 14.6 percent, and coming in last was the Midwest, with just 10 percent.
In the South, the most common amenity was a swimming pool. That makes sense, considering the fact that house owners can enjoy outdoor activities like swimming from April past Labor Day. Affordable land comes into play, too. And in the pricier north, space for a pool is more of a luxury.
Brian Zehetner, chief science officer at Anytime Fitness (a 24-hour-fitness-club chain) advises buyers against purchasing property with fitness amenities out of the ordinary, like a rock-climbing wall or boccie court. 
"Getting away from the traditional workout room is probably a mistake for 80% of people. People want the newest thing, but bottom line, they usually go back to what they've always done, or they do nothing."

So, are you living in one of the "fittest" areas in America? Do you agree with this study?

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