Americans Rediscover Their Kitchens

Study finds the economy is forcing Americans to cook for themselves

Restaurants beware: Americans are eating at home these days.

Not even the McDonald's dollar menu can drive us to eat out in hoards like we once did.

Two out of three American adults have been forced to change their eating habits because of the economy, according to a study reported by the San Francisco Business Times.

The annual Food Shopping Trends Tracker survey conducted for the country's most expensive grocer, Whole Foods, said 51 percent of Americans are eating at home more often and 37 percent are holding tight to strict grocery budgets.

This, while most Americans can't cook it turns out. But don't worry. There is a video game to show you how to do that.

The survey surprisingly shows that 76 percent of organic and natural food shoppers still want the same quality food. (Not that surprising since the study was commissioned by Whole Foods. )

"We recognize that shoppers should be able to cut costs, not corners when buying natural and organic foods," A.C. Gallo, co-president and chief operating officer for Whole Foods Market, told the Business Times. "This research is in sync with what we are seeing right now with our customers."

That could be why, despite the economy, Whole Foods is working vigorously to open its new store in San Francisco's Castro district. It could also also explain the popularity of the pocketbook friendly street food scene.

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