“All My Children” Stars: Then and Now

With "All My Children" coming to an end, check out who got their start on the long-running soap-opera star--there are even a couple of Oscar winners.

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HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 07: Actress Amanda Seyfried arrives at premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Red Riding Hood" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on March 7, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
There have been all sorts of familiar faces throughout the years of the soap. We start with Sarah Michelle Gellar.
nGellar starred on AMC from 1993 to 1995, as Kendall Hart Slater, the product of Erica Kane having been raped when she was just 14. Kendal was an absolute monster, and Gellar won Daytime Emmy for her work. Her new series, Ringer debuted this month, in it she plays a troubled woman who sees a chance to take over her twin sister’s life.
Amanda Seyfried
nFrom 2002 to 2003, Seyfried played Joni Stafford, Maddie Grey's nanny, who dated Jamie Martin and Reggie Porter. She's currently enjoying a successful movie career, and can next be seen opposite Justin Timberlake in In Time.
Michelle Trachtenberg
nGelllar's future Buffy co-star got her start on AMC, starring from 1993 to 1996 as Lily Montgomery, who suffered from autism spectrum disorder, a condition that inspired her mother to embezzle millions to pay for her care. These days she plays rival pot dealer Emma Karlin on Weeds.
Mischa Barton
nShe made her TV debut on AMC, taking over the role of Lily Montgomery for one episode in 1995, and eight years later would become a star playing Marissa Cooper on The O.C.
Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos
nRipa debuted on AMC as Hayley Vaughn, a goth girl who barely survived a childhood of caring for her alcoholic mother. She ultimately fell for Mateo Santos, whom she married on the show and in real life.
Melissa Leo
nLeo spent 1084 and 1985 making periodic appearances on AMC as Linda Warner, troublemaking sister of Cliff, who was one half of the super couple Cliff & Nina. In 1993 she would begin a five-year run on Homicide, and earlier this year won an Oscar for Bets Supporting Actress for her work in The Fighter.
Christian Slater
nIn 1986, Slater had a brief stint on AMC as Caleb Thompson, but three years later was a star thanks to his lead role in Heathers. He's currently starring in the Fox series Breaking In.
Kim Delaney
nDelaney was wildly popular as Jenny Gardner on AMC, from 1981 until her untimely death in a 1984 Jet Ski explosion. Her ghost made a cameo a decade later, visiting her brother Tad as he lay in a coma. Delany would achieve wider fame in 1995 as Det. Diane Russell on NYPD Blue.
Josh Duhamel
nDuhamel debuted on AMC in 1999 as Leo Du Pres, winning a Daytime Emmy in his 2002 for his final year on the show. He later appeared on Las Vegas, married Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas and starring the Transformers franchise.
Carol Burnett
nThe great comedienne had been a huge fan of the show for years, and realized a dream in 1983 when the writers created the role of Verla Grubbs, long-lost daughter of Langley Wallingford, for her. Grubbs returned in 2005 and has a cameo in the series finale.
Elizabeth Taylor
nYes, the legendary actress once stopped by unannounced to prank her friend Carol Burnett. The show was live, and Burnett's stunned reaction was caught on camera.
Susan Lucci
nThe actress has played Erica Kane for 41 years, and is looking as good as ever (left: Lucci now). When ABC announced they'd be canceling AMC, she showed her anger in her memoir, "All My Life." She wrote, "An iconic show was losing out to greed."
Jordana Brewster
nBrewster made her acting debut with a one-episode stint on AMC as Anita Santos, which led to a six-year run on As the World Turns. She would achieve fame as both Derek Jeter’s girlfriend and as one of the stars of the Fast and the Furious films.
Amanda Bearse
nBefore she moved in next door to the Bundys on Married With Children, Bearse appeared on six episodes of AMC as Amanda Cousins from 1982 to 1984. In 1996, she began spending most of her time directing, taking openly occasional roles.
Kathy Bates
nBates did several soaps back in the day, playing prison inmate Belle Bodelle on AMC from 1983 to 1984, terrorizing Erica Kane. Bates would go on to win a Best Actress Oscar for Misery and currently stars on NBC’s Harry’s Law.
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