Agent Thinks Agent's Life Would Make Awesome HBO Show

HBO has a long-standing tradition of making shows about show business: “Larry Sanders,” “Entourage,” “The Comeback.” Heck, they’re even developing a show about a show business blogger. So it’s not surprising, and yet bizarre, that they would greenlight a show about real-life agent Brandt Joel and his “wacky” wife, Nikki. Would you be shocked to learn that the idea to do a show about Joel came from Joel himself? No, you would not. Nikki Finke of Deadline reports:

HBO has just bought a comedy pitch based on the modern day Lucy-&-Ricky 10-year marriage of Brandt and Nikki Joel…

The genesis for the show is Nikki Joel's tell-all blog about her marriage -- -- where she regularly shares with the Internet her husband's most intimate details.

I have clicked over and sampled this blog so that you, fair reader, don’t have to. Suffice it to say, it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect the blog of an agent’s wife, who is herself a former agent, to be like. Here’s a sample of the site:

“Husbands love concerts!”

Yes, that’s really all you need to read. That pretty much gives you the gist of it. Thankfully, Brandt herself won’t be writing the show. That task, according to Finke, will fall to “Gilmore Girls” and “Desperate Housewives” writer Jordon Nardino. I know “Entourage” has been a success for HBO. But plenty of people out there hate that show with the white-hot fury of a thousand death row inmates. I don’t see how a vanity project like this one, one that screams WE’RE SO KRAYZEEEE!, will offer much of an improvement.

As I said before, HBO is also developing a show called “Tilda” which is loosely inspired the very blogger who reported the news about Brandt. Does the network really need two super-inside Hollywood comedies when they’ve already plowed this field a few times over? Also, from reading the blog, I hate both these people already.

But hey, there’s always “Boardwalk Empire.” No agents in that upcoming show. I think.

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