Housekeeper Testifies She Saw 2 Guns in Hernandez's Home

A housekeeper who worked in the home of Aaron Hernandez testified on Monday that she saw two guns while cleaning his home, which is critical to the prosecution's case because the weapon that killed Odin Lloyd has never been found.

Marilia Prinholato said she saw the first gun arounf May 7, 2013, which was the second time she cleaned his house. She said she was straightening the fitted sheet on the bed in a basement guestroom when she discovered it. She said she later saw a different gun in Hernandez's bedroom.

Also on the stand Monday were two employees who worked in 2013 at NeedleTech, a company in the North Attleboro industrial park right near the crime scene. Both testified they worked the overnight shift the night of the murder and say they went to their separate cars for their 3 a.m. "lunch" breaks. Both testified they heard "loud banging" similar to the sound of fireworks.

One employee said the bangs happened about four to five times and that they were coming from the area where Lloyd's body was found.

There was a dramatic reversal from Judge Susan Garsh earlier on Monday. Jurors will now be allowed to hear about text messages allegedly sent between Odin Lloyd and his sister the night of the murder.

However, as previously ruled, the jurors still won't be allowed to hear the substance of those texts. This comes after a heated exchange in court Friday between the Judge and lead prosecutor Bill McCauley.

Prosecutors argued the texts could show where Lloyd was in the final moments of his life, and allege Hernandez drove Lloyd from his home in Dorchester to North Attleboro where he was killed.

Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to murdering Lloyd.

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