Ailing Adele Cancels Fall U.S. Tour

Grammy winner blames throat hemorrhage

Having already ducked out of a number of dates in September, Grammy-winning singer Adele has been forced by unresolved medical issues to cancel her entire U.S. fall tour.

In a lengthy blog post on her website, the singer, a four-time winner for the hit "Rolling in the Deep" at the most recent MTV Video Music Awards, explained what exactly was wrong, how heartbroken she was by the whole thing and just how high the stakes were for her:

Guys, im heartbroken and worried to tell you that yet again im experiencing problems with my voice. its ridiculous i know! i cant believe it myself...

i was diagnosed with a hemorrhage. which is like a black eye on the vocal chord, it was incredibly tender and dangerous if i was to continue to sing through it.... september i developed a respiratory and chest infection which had nothing to do with any of my voice problems from before but still forced me to cancel 6 shows and a performance at the mercury awards. i was stuffed full of antibiotics, had some time to rest and in the end managed to do 9 shows of the 15. After them and once back home my voice yet again went. mid conversation and it just switched off! i have a hemorrhage again and it is paramount that i rest and therefore wont be able to come and do these already rescheduled U.S shows...

...i simply hate letting you down. although now im having to let you down once again through no fault of my own really. if i continue to pick up everything before i have properly conquered these problems and nipped them in the bud. i will be totally and utterly f****ed.

Her tour was to start Friday in Atlantic City and hit nine other towns in two weeks. Unfortunately, there doen't seem to be any indication of when she may be ready to perform again.

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