Actor Shot During ‘Old West' Gunfight Re-enactment

An "Old West" gunfight re-enactment in Arizona ended with real casualties Sunday when one of the actors fired five live rounds from his gun instead of blanks, injuring another actor and a bystander, NBC News reported. 

Tom Carter and Ken Curtis, two actors with the group The Tombstone Vigilantes, were performing a show in Tombstone, Arizona, when Carter shot Curtis, who fell to the ground, according to a statement from the Tombstone Marshal's Office.

Another bullet fired from Carter's weapon "grazed" passerby Debbie Mitchell, said Carol A. Capas, a spokeswoman for the Cochise County Sheriff's Office. Capas told NBC News that Mitchell refused medical attention at the scene.

The show was "immediately stopped" after the bullets flew, and Carter's weapon was taken from him, the marshal's office statement said. Investigators determined he had shot five of six rounds loaded in the gun.

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