ACORN Vid Prostitute a SoFla Pastor's Daughter

Hooker actually a 20-year-old FIU journalism student

She was a down on her luck prostitute with a pimp, at least she pretended to be while working to uncover alleged wrongdoing within advocacy group ACORN, but it turns out the 20-year-old hooker is actually a South Florida pastor's daughter and an FIU undergrad.

Hannah Giles quickly became the most famous journalism student at Florida International University after she stirred up quite a storm and become a conservative hero while spending her summer posing as a call girl to infiltrate the offices of ACORN.

Giles became an internet sensation after hidden camera videos, showing her in scantily clad hooker gear entering ACORN offices in Baltimore, New York, Washington and San Bernadino, Calif., accompanied by James Keefe, himself dressed in outrageous pimp wear, made the rounds on news outlets the past few weeks.

Undercover in ACORN

In the videos, Giles and Keefe discuss their situation with ACORN workers, saying the two need help getting a house which they would like to turn into an underage brothel. The ACORN workers advise the two of illegal ways of getting around laws regarding income reporting.

The hooker role is a shocking turn for Giles, whose father, Doug Giles, is senior pastor of the Clash Church in Aventura, according to the Miami Herald.

Giles reportedly tried to work her undercover sting in Miami earlier this summer, but was unable to bait the local ACORN staff.

ACORN's Florida director, Stephanie Porta, told the Herald that Giles showed up at the Miami office, but that staffers advised her to visit a domestic violence shelter.

Yesterday, the national ACORN office announced that the organization was suspending key operations while they perform an independent review into the videos.

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