$1 TV Episodes From iTunes: You Buying?

When the iPad finally comes to store shelves — set to happen for the end of March — Apple will help kick off the launch by slashing prices of TV episodes from its iTunes Store to just a dollar, according to the Financial Times.

The $1 price would presumably be for standard-def episodes, which currently cost $2. No word if HD episodes, priced at $3, would get a similar cut. The reduction is essentially a test to see if a lower price will boost sales, which we infer from the whole move to have been underwhelming.

We can't speak for everyone, but generally we use services like iTunes and Amazon Video On Demand to catch episodes of our favorite shows that our DVR somehow missed. But $ 1 episodes might actually make it worth giving up cable service altogether, assuming you didn't follow many series and didn't channel-surf.

What say you? Would a dollar menu of TV episodes get you downloading? Let us know in our comments section.

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