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Marco Rubio's PAC Makes $125,000 by Selling Water Bottles

Marco Rubio's water bottles have totaled $125K in sales after becoming a viral sensation in his remarks to President Obama's State of the Union



    In the aftermath of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's water grab, "SNL" showcased a "sip slip" spoof during its "Weekend Update," and Rubio's PAC pitched a product to cash in on the water woe. Terry Sullivan with the Reclaim America PAC discussed Rubio's water bottles in an email. (Published Monday, Feb. 18, 2013)

    Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s water bottle became a viral sensation after his response to President Obama's State of the Union last week.

    But that water bottle is not just a sensation – it’s now making his Reclaim America PAC thousands of dollars in profit.

    “So far we've sold over 4,200 water bottles in the last five days, bringing in over $125,000,” Terry Sullivan with the Reclaim America PAC said on Monday.

    With a minimum $25 donation, the PAC will send buyers a white water bottle that reads “RUBIO” in big red letters.

    The water bottle has been advertised on the PAC’s website and on Rubio’s social media as a way to “send the liberal detractors a message that not only does Marco Rubio inspire you…he hydrates you too.”

    Sullivan said the water bottle inspiration came after seeing all the hype from the media and the pundits after Rubio’s drink of water.

    During his State of the Union response last week, Rubio lurched forward to grab a drink of water, took an audible gulp, returned the small Poland Spring bottle to a table and continued with his speech, causing a social media explosion. The moment was also immortalized on "SNL."

    Rubio himself said via Twitter that the water bottle moment helped him gain more than 13,000 new followers and joked that he would have to start drinking water in the middle of all his speeches.

    He then published the picture his own for-sale Rubio water bottle on Twitter, urging his followers to buy the water bottle and quench their thirst for conservative leadership.