1 of 4 Escaped Emus Dies, Another Still Missing From Connecticut Farm

One of four emus that escaped from a farm on Seymour Road in Woodbridge, Connecticut, has died and another remains on the loose.

Four emus escaped from Walking Wood Farm at 5:40 p.m. last Saturday, according to their owner Woozie Wikfors, who keeps the birds as pets. One of them was recaptured Tuesday, another was caught on Wednesday at 4 a.m. leaving two emus on the loose.

Wikfors said the two still missing were the "grandparents" -- a female named Mnck, pronounced "monk" and a male named Stella.

When Wikfors, her husband and a neighbor tried to recapture Mnck early Saturday afternoon at Carriage Hill Road in Woodbridge, Mnck died in the attempt to bring her home. Wikfors said she assumes exhaustion caused Mnck to have a heart attack.

However, Stella remains missing.

People around town reported seeing an emu in Seymour, Bethany and Woodbridge during the week and tried to help catch the flightless, ostrich-like bird.

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"You know you hear about people not wanting to get involved but that simply is not the case this time," Wikfors previously said.

Animal control officers were on the lookout for any emu sightings in the area – but they'll have to be fast. Emus can sprint up to 30 mph and are the only birds that have calf muscles, according to the San Diego Zoo.

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