Zeke Elliott is Late to Camp: Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones kicked off the team's 14th year in Oxnard, California, their 40th preseason in the state, taking questions about running back Ezekiel Elliott who was not onboard the team plane Friday and who has not reported to camp.

"He is late. We have officially reported, so he's a non-report, officially," Jones said Friday.

Elliott, who has two years remaining on his deal, is reportedly looking for a record-breaking contract extension. He is due to make $3.9 million in the fourth year of his rookie contract and $9.1 million in the final year, which is a team option. Elliott has won two rushing titles in his three seasons.

Jones refused to get into details about conversations he's had with Elliott about the terms of his deal and said he would not be giving daily updates on progress, but did say that Elliott could face fines under the terms of the player's collective bargaining agreement.

When asked if he was disappointed Elliott hasn't reported, Jones said, "We expect everybody that's under contract to be here at camp. They've agreed to be here."

Even with Elliott missing, Jones said he's excited about his team and coaching staff and added there's a lot to be excited about in 2019.

"I'm so excited about this team and I'm so excited about the players, including him, that we have under contract... this is not in any way diminish the excitement that I have about this team."

Jones reiterated that all players on the 80-man roster are signed and under contract.

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