Youth Lead United Rally for George Floyd at Dallas City Hall

NBC 5 sat down with youth organizers who range in age from 14 to 20 years old.

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A group gathered under the partial shade of trees on the front lawn of Dallas City Hall Friday afternoon for a Youth Unified Rally in response to the death of George Floyd.

"We are here to demand justice for George Floyd," 20-year old Traelon Rodgers said. "We want peace and justice in our communities. We want the police officers to respect our communities and the communities to respect our police officers."

Earlier Friday, NBC 5 sat down with organizers. They included Rodgers and 19-year old Channing Hill, both with the NAACP, and 14-year old Nicolas Quintanilla with the Young Latino Democrats.

"In the past, you allies have been silent," Rodgers said. "I think what makes George Floyd's death unique is we have allies from all communities who want to speak out about it."

"We need to send a message to all the youth; stop playing video games, come out to protest," Quintanilla said. "You can't go home, go on Facebook and complain about the situation you're in if you don't act."

The trio said their youth brings a new perspective to an issue their parents and grandparents have battled.

"It is our responsibility, our duty, to show up and show up for the others than can't," Hill said. "I can, and because I can, I will."

If you wonder what impact youth can make, consider the video of George Floyd the whole world has seen.

"The 17-year old who recorded it gave us the opportunity to see how George Floyd was brutally murdered," Rodgers said. "We have the world's attention and I think the younger generation needs to make a statement."

"It's our turn," Hill said. "We are fresh minds. We have new ideas. We have a lot of energy. We have the time to do it."

The Next Generation Action Network and Not My Son also joined Friday's rally at Dallas City Hall.

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