You're Invited To “Paint” Cowboys Stadium

The Rochester Institute of Technology is looking for at least 5,000 volunteers

Photographers from a New York university are hoping you will help them create a unique picture of Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

Scott Saldinger is a graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York and an NBCDFW employee. For 25 years, his alma mater has captivated audiences with the "Big Shot" project.

"[It’s] just like if you had a bucket of paint and a brush and you were going up and down and side to side with that paint,” said Saldinger. “You're doing that exact same thing with light. So you're applying the light to the building for a long exposure."
Using volunteers, the project has displayed the beauty of the Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester, the Erie Canal in Western New York, the Royal Palace in Stockholm and The Alamo in San Antonio
On Saturday March 23 at 7:00 p.m., they will do their 28th and biggest project yet at Cowboys Stadium and you are invited to assist
"This is like a light show you'd see at a concert,” Saldinger said. “Every single group that we have is going to have to be moving their lights in order to get the painting done right now" Saldinger said.
Organizers say they need at least 5,000 to create Saturday’s photograph.
"I think we have the room to do it," said  Angela Porter with Arlington Camera, one of the shoot’s supporters. "I think we have the enthusiasm... and the people to do it,"
Volunteers who participate in Saturday’s shoot are encouraged to wear dark clothing and bring a flashlight. You can also use the flash from your smart phone.
“This will never happen there again," said Saldinger. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have an experience that when you hold that image in your hand, you go 'I helped make that’."
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