Your Videos: Pets at Play – March 5, 2015

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NBC 5 viewers shared videos of their pets playing in the snow on March 5, 2015.

Snowball Fail

Sarge misses snowball

Finn Playing in the Snow

Doggie Snow Angel

My Golden loves the snow!

Dog Loving Snow

family dog playing in the snow

Fitz Playing in the Snow

Fitz the husky loving our Texas snow day! He was featured this past summer playing in his pool too!

German Shepherd Puppy Playing in the Snow

This is my 7 month old puppy trying to catch some snow here in Denton Texas. He is going to be confused when he gets older after all of these snow storms! #snowface But he is loving it!

Catching Some Snow!

Jazmyne the German Shepard catching snowballs

Boxers Are Snow Fun!

Charlie playing in the snow on Lake Lavon.


Andy, Noah, Luke and Bentley LOVING the snow!

Ruby in the Snow in Euless

Smokey Having Fun in the Snow

grapevine . my cat enjoying the snow in the back yard . Naomi Robison

Dog Catching Snowball

dog catching snowball

Stella playing in the snow in Fort Worth, Texas

Stranger Danger

Bailey thinks we have a stranger in our yard!


he can not figure out what is on the ground

Snow Days

Hannah playing in the snow!

Yorkie Takes A Dive

tackle the miniature York takes his first dive into the snow!!
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