Your Hail Videos – March 24, 2019

NBC 5 viewers shared video as hail fell on North Texas on Sunday, March 24, 2019.

Warning: The videos are unedited, profanity may be included.

At our backyard in Frisco
Intence hail and rain ehich overflows the creek
Here’s the video you saw on Instagram! Name: Christina Blacher Location: McKinney (Craig ranch) Alma and 121 This is my dog Olive!
hail storm
3/24/19 hail storm
Hail into pool
Spring Hail in McKinney TX
Whoooooa!!! I’ve never seen anything like this in my 37 years!! Pretty scary stuff!!
Hail falling into my swimming pool
pea gravel size, came down for 30 min
large hail
Hail storm
Hail Storm in McKinney
Fun with hail on trampoline after threat over
hail coming down
That is one tough Xterra!
Hail storm
This video was shot from my kitchen and shows the hail raining down on our backyard!
From Laura in Allen, Tx.
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Hail storm
Short clip at our house in N Frisco.
Short clip at our house in N Frisco.
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