Young Mother of Eight Dies Defending Daughter; Suspect Still on the Run

Friends and family came together Wednesday night to release balloons in remembrance of a young mother who died earlier this week after being shot while defending her daughter nearly two weeks ago in Fort Worth.

Demetrice Stewart, a mother of eight, was shot at a party in Fort Worth suburb Forest Hill where some 200 teenagers gathered on July 20. The 30-year-old was hospitalized but died earlier this week.

Forest Hill police say the person who shot her is still on the loose and that there is no information to give on a suspect at this time.

Demetrice's family has a message for the person who took her life.

"You left behind a grieving family, a mother of eight," said Demetrice's sister, Tiffaney Stewart. "It really kind of feels like I'm having an out-of-body experience. Like I am saddened, but I'm more angry."

Tiffaney said Demetrice got a phone call from her oldest daughter on July 20 saying a group of people were trying to fight her at a party in Forest Hill.

Demetrice naturally went to her daughter's defense, Tiffaney said.

She said Demetrice went to the party and stood in front of her daughter during an altercation. Then someone started shooting.

"She simply called her mother, her mother came to protect her and she lost her life," Tiffaney said.

The youngest of Demetrice's eight children is a 1-year-old.

"We will keep her memory alive. They're going to know who their mother is," said Tiffaney. "She was a very charismatic person. She was a fun person."

Police said it was reported that several people on the scene were recording the incident on cell phones.

Anyone who has a recording or any other information on the case is asked to call the Forest Hill Police Department at 817-531-5265.

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