North Texas

Young Men in North Texas Get Suited up to Look and Feel Their Best

We’re just months away from prom and graduation, and many students are starting to look for jobs after school.

To help young men look and feel their best during these moments, hundreds of them received suits free of charge.

On Saturday, young men in North Texas came to the Mark Cuban Heroes Basketball Center to get free suits to wear to prom, graduation, church, and future job interviews.

The young men also received job and resume advice, as well as grooming and hygiene tips.

One of the organizers, Jemil Tucker, helped the young men learn how to style their suits in order to feel confident while wearing them.

“I think the confidence doesn’t come from the suit, the confidence comes from knowing how to accessorize, how to tie a tie, and knowing that you can do it on your own,” Tucker said.

Tucker said while his father wasn’t around growing up to help him learn how to wear a suit and tie, his uncles stepped up to help him.

Now, Tucker gets a chance to return the favor to other young men.

If you would like to donate or help with the program… call 214-379-7451.

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