You'll Be Surprised to Hear About Dallas' WonderPhones

The old, re-wired payphones are not meant for making traditional phone calls

This one might take you a few years back.

You may have seen them posted up at spots in downtown Dallas and passed right by them not even realizing what they really were.

They look like old payphone booths with an artistic flare, but the old, re-wired payphones are not meant for making traditional phone calls.

They're called WonderPhones.

It's the "magical story machine" designed to connect the people in downtown Dallas to the city and each other.

And you've got a number of options when you walk up to this wonder booth. In fact, you have 12 on the Wonder Menu.

You can listen to students at CityLab High School tell you their hopes for a greener, more walkable Dallas, and so much more.

But the option people seem to find the most intriguing is the "Record a Story" prompt. And one could only imagine what you might hear when you press that option.

"I think they've really done something really interesting here," said Emily Wasserman, who lives in Dallas. "I think it's great to have interactive art that is accessible to everyone."

As of writing there are only three phones located in prominent enclosures in downtown Dallas for the month of October.

There's one at Pegasus Plaza on Main at Akard. The other two are at Browder Plaza at Commerce and Browder.

Two mobile phones will also pop up at various locations throughout the month.

ONLINE: More information on the interactive phone booths.

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