You Shot Me Bro, But All is Forgiven

A standoff in an east Fort Worth neighborhood involving SWAT officers and barricaded streets quickly turned into a stand-down Thursday afternoon.

It all started when two men got into an argument over a woman outside Julies Food Mart at the corner of Miller Avenue and Pierce Street.

Fort Worth police said during the argument one man pulled out a gun, the other man convinced him to put it away. When he did put the gun away the other man punched him, so the man pulled the gun back out and shot the other man in the leg.

After the shooting police said the gunman ran to his home in the 4400 block of Pierce Street and that's when SWAT officers were called for the barricaded man.

Police said the suspected shooter was able to elude officers in a white vehicle.

The victim of the shooting was taken to the hospital, his injuries are not life-threatening.

Police said it's unlikely the shooter will face charges because they can't get cooperation from the shooting victim.

"After further investigation the victim decided not to cooperate or press charges citing that the suspect is his 'bro' and all is forgiven," said Fort Worth police spokesman Lt. Paul Henderson.

SWAT officers were called off when the victim refused to press charges. 

*In writing this story NBCDFW staffers had a debate about the title. Here were some of the alternates:

"Bromance" Leads to No Charges in Shooting
Bro Problem: No Charges in Shooting
Friends Don't Mind When You Shoot Them in The Leg
One Friendship Doesn't End With a Bang
Guns and Bro-ses: All is Forgiven After Dude Shoots Dude in Leg

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