“You Don't Push America Around,” Korean War Veteran Reacts to Rising Tension

We are all watching the escalating tensions closely, especially Korean War veterans.

Perhaps none more than a Plano man who fought in one of the most decisive battles there.

Lt. General Richard Carey served in the U.S. Marine Corp for nearly 38 years.

His home is a collection of commendations.

He joined the Marines when he was 18 years old.

At age 90, he recently completed his latest mission to install a Korean War Memorial in Quantico, Virginia.

“I was the boss of doing it,” he said pointing to photos of the monument.

The memorial depicts many battles, including one Carey fought in.

He’s shown tossing a grenade at Chinese troops in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, a 17-day gruesome battle that left many dead.

“Of all the people who dislike war, people who've been in it dislike it the most,” Carey said with tears in his eyes.

Renewed conflict with North Korea is something Carey says he didn't think would happen in his lifetime.

He says he supports President Trump's unconventional approach to dealing with the conflict.

“He's calling the shots like they should be called. You don't push America around,” he said.

In June, Carey returned to South Korea where he says he is treated like royalty.

He sees North Korea as a nation full of people struggling to survive much like they were six decades ago.

“They always wanted candy and food,” he recalled.

New leadership in North Korea, he says, is the path forward.

He hopes history doesn't repeat itself to get there.

“I hope not because there is too many innocent people who will die,” he said.

The Korean War memorial was dedicated in Quantico in May.

Carey says he wants to begin raising money to build a monument in Dallas.

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