Yes, People Are Paying Tribute to a Broken Traffic Cone in Southlake

The Southlake Department of Public Safety is once again going viral after paying tribute to a fallen traffic cone.

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Southlake DPS
Another one of Southlake DPS's snarky Facebook posts is going viral.The latest pays homage to a poor traffic cone left crushed outside Jack D. Johnson Elementary School.
Southlake DPS
"O. Cone’s sole duty had been to help guide parents dropping off their students, and to prevent them from parking in the fire lane (which as you may have heard, is kind of a big deal)," Southlake DPS's post read.
Southlake DPS
"Our thoughts are with O. Cone's family. We had a close call in Farmers Branch ourselves. Our cone is expected to make a full recovery and is resting at home with his children. The investigation is on-going."
Southlake DPS
"From down in the Texas Coastal Bend, we offer our deepest CONEdolences."
Southlake DPS
Murphy Police Department
Southlake DPS
"Condolences from Spokane, WA. Cheers to you, having a drink for you dear friend! From Coney and Minicone. (I know, who brings a baby to a bar, right?)"
Southlake DPS
"Your cone brethren in green send their best wishes to O. Cone’s family and friends and are sad to hear about the loss. They will be wearing orange as a tribute to O. cone for the remainder of the week. From Superior Police Department, Wisconsin"
Southlake DPS
Southlake DPS
"One of our officers saw that the Feedstore BBQ & More started a cone fund for our departed friend. So sweet!"
Southlake DPS
"BREAKING NEWS: Buyers Barricades has donated SIX brand new cones to Jack D. Johnson Elementary to replace our departed friend. THANK YOU!"
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