“Yarn” Bombs Away!

Colorful yarn displays by "guerilla knitters" pop up around Dallas

No matter how you spin it, several Dallas neighborhoods are under siege from so-called "yarn-bombers."

The group of knitters uses the cover of darkness to decorate public fixtures with colorful yarn displays.

Knitters at Uptown Dallas knitting shop Shabby Sheep said they believe the motivation for yarn bombers is to add warmth and character to otherwise cold, public places.

“I think it’s just to add a element of surprise and put a little color into a boring scene,” Emily Stribling said.

Splashes of color pop up on street signs from Lakewood to downtown Dallas.

“From what I understand, you knit your piece, take it, seal it and get out as fast as possible,” Dallas knitter Njeri Sims said.

Red and white yarn suddenly appeared on the yield sign outside Lakewood public library. And on a street sign outside Dallas Independent School District headquarters, the perpetrator left a note that reads: "A random act of art in support of DISD teachers."

“I think that's a great, fun way to add a little lightness to the situation and try to help out,” Stribling said. “It’s not really graffiti when it can be removed without leaving any trace behind."

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