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Wylie Hailstorm Damaged 12,000 Homes: Estimate

Mayor says initial numbers show 80 percent of city’s homes hit

Last week's ferocious hailstorm that pounded Wylie damaged 80 percent of the city's 15,000 homes, according to initial estimates.

A final assessment is still being completed, Mayor Eric Hogue said Wednesday.

All over the Collin County city, roofs are covered with tarps and windows are boarded up.

Christina Jones is living in a camper behind her home of 19 years.

"Basically, at this point all I really have are my clothes," she said. "Everything else has pretty much been taken away."

She said insurance is covering her losses but it could take several months to repair the extensive damage to her home.

"You have your ups and your downs," she said. "You think, 'OK I can get through this.' And then you sit down and you cry."

Hogue said cleanup will take awhile.

Several city-owned buildings, including the public safety center, suffered serious damage.

The mayor said he was at home when the storm hit April 11.

He had rented a car while his own was getting repaired from another hailstorm a few weeks prior.

The second car was destroyed.

"It was so demolished I just had to call the rental company and say you need to send a wrecker. I mean I can't even drive it," he said.

Jones took more than a week off her job selling professional printers but plans to go back to work – back to a routine even with so little left.

"When you go home tonight, be thankful you have your bed to sleep in," she said. "That's one thing I miss. I love my bed. Now my bed is gone."

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