Wrongful Death Lawsuit Seeks to Close NorthPark Center Parking Lots and Garages

Yu Luo was struck and killed by a car in one of NorthPark's garages in March

Attorney Marc Lenahan announced Wednesday his multi-million dollar wrongful death lawsuit filed against NorthPark Center.

But he said the lawsuit goes beyond money.

He's also asking for all parking lots and garages, except the one attached to Macy's, to be shut down for a year.

"If we are able to shut down their parking lots, insurance is not going to cover that," Lenahan said. "That is going to go directly to the hearts of their business models. If the place is closed for a year, it will give them plenty of time to make the changes they need to make."

Changes he said could save others from suffering the fate faced by NorthPark visitors from China, Yu Luo and Shiguo Wang. In March, they visited the mall and were struck by a speeding car in the garage.

Luo died from his injuries. Wang survived, but has been in hospitals the past eight months.

Lenahan claimed NorthPark has failed to stop this type of activity. He said pictures show the evidence of what's done on the property.

"We saw that going back to as far as 2011, when the satellite resolution was good enough for us to see the roof top of NorthPark always looks like this," Lenahan said. "It's always covered in skid marks and donuts."

NBC 5 reached out to NorthPark for a comment on the allegations and received the following statement.

“NorthPark is in receipt of a lawsuit filed against it related to the tragic incident on March 11, 2019. Following the incident, NorthPark immediately began its investigation alongside legal counsel and local authorities. While NorthPark remains deeply saddened by this incident, NorthPark unequivocally denies all claims of wrongdoing asserted in the lawsuit. Beyond that, NorthPark cannot comment at this time on pending litigation.”

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