Wrong-Way Driver Faces Second DWI in Two Weeks

A Dallas single mother of two is in intensive care at Baylor Medical Center after she was critically injured in a wrong-way crash by a woman police have arrested repeatedly for drunken driving.

Erica Davidson was driving on North Central Expressway Saturday night when her car was hit head-on by a vehicle driving southbound in the same lanes — the wrong direction.

“She tried to miss the person,” said Davidson’s mother, Pricellia Davidson. “Every lane that she went in, the person was coming straight for her.”

Hallie Jean Young was arrested and charged with drunken driving and intoxication assault.

On Saturday night, Young was belligerent, combative and repeatedly refused the orders of police and detention officers at Frisco’s jail.

Young initially refused to exit the patrol car when asked. She was also uncooperative when she was asked repeatedly to remove her jewelry. Video cameras inside the jail captured nearly all of the verbal confrontations.

Young allegedly hit a detention officer in the face, punching him after refusing to walk through a metal detector. The altercation was not caught on video.

Officers then took Young to the ground where she was next seen on video in a restraining chair, her arms and legs unable to move and she’s heard asking why she’s being treated like this that she’s not drunk and did nothing wrong.

“That’s the problem,” said Davidson. “She feels like she’s the victim. She doesn’t understand that she’s the problem.”

Young was arrested for drunken driving in Frisco two weeks earlier, according to police reports. Young wrecked her vehicle on the Sam Rayburn Toll Road near Hillcrest Drive during that arrest.

She then got out of her car and crossed several lanes of traffic, screaming at firefighters who had to restrain her to keep her from running back into traffic, police said. 

Davidson is in stable condition after six hours of emergency surgery on Sunday. Davidson has two broken legs, a broken ankle, a broken arm and elbow, four broken ribs and numerous internal injuries. 

Davidson said that her daughter will undergo more surgery and months of rehabilitation. She hopes Young goes to rehab for substance abuse. She believes Young deserves prison time for repeated DWI arrests in a two-week span, with the second offense changing her daughter’s life.

In 2009, Young was also arrested for DWI in Dallas. Records showed the charges were dismissed when the officer who investigated the case never showed up for court.

Davidson said if the justice system won’t hold Young accountable, she hopes Young’s family will prevent her from driving again.

“I would hope that her family would consider what she's done and realize that the same thing could happen to her and they could be standing here instead of me,” said Davidson.

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