Wrigley Field Water Used to Make Pizzas at Allen Pizzeria

Seeing the Chicago Cubs in the World Series is something fans have waited a long time to see.

But even if you can't make it to the game, one North Texas man is making sure you can still feel like you're there.

At Chicago Pizza Pizzeria in Allen, every pie is made with pride, especially with the Cubs in the World Series.

"Once you're a Cubs fan, you're a Cubs fan 'til the end," said owner Thomas Lease.

Lease moved to North Texas from Chicago in the 1970s. He says he has one of the only true Chicago-style pizza shops in North Texas.

"We pride ourself in being 100-percent real Chicago pizza," he said.

In fact, this week, Lease drove to Chicago to pick up a batch of Italian sausage when an idea hit him.

"I started thinking, 'Boy, wouldn't it be cool if we could actually get not just Chicago water but some bottles of Wrigley Field water?'" Lease recalled.

Workers at Wrigley Field delivered, filling up two five-gallon jugs of water from inside the stadium.

Lease is now using the water to make dough Chicago-style, down to the last drop.

The two jugs are enough to make 240 pounds of dough and about 200 pizzas.

"They're going to know the difference. They're going to be able to feel the energy," Lease said.

For fans, the only thing better than a bite, is if the Cubs can finally deliver a World Series championship.

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