Worst Roads in Denton Named

Committee pinpoints the worst streets in Denton

A group of Denton citizens have been working with the city to pinpoint the worst roads in the city. With their recommendations now having been made, and if a November bond passes, drivers could see big improvements to the streets in Denton.

"It feels like you are driving in the desert. It's just constant like up and down, up and down," said Denton resident Kelly Thompson.

The city recognizes the need for a road overhaul; however, the problem is funding. City leaders are hoping to pass a bond that will pour $20 million into road reconstruction.

"Growth has been a factor in deteriorating the streets," said Denton's Chief Financial Officer Brian Langley.

The $20.4 million bond would only scratch the surface of the needed road work. The city came up with a list of nearly 1,000 street segments that need reconstruction, and they had to settle on about 200.

"That's a little bit less than 1 in 5 that will be reconstructed with those bond dollars," Langley said.

Langley said the city went straight to citizens to pinpoint the problem spots and recommend where to spend the money.  A Citizens Bond Advisory Committee was formed. After months of work, the committee presented their recommendations to the Denton City Council this week.

From Schmitz Avenue to Bell Avenue, they handed over a list of roads in the worst shape.

"What we would like to do is start this process," committee co-chairman Jim Crouch said. "This is going to be a long-term process of getting the streets up to speed."

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