World's Smallest Chicken Breed Struts Stuff at Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

Every Serama chicken owner has a trick to get them to strut their stuff

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When you think of the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, you probably envision horses, cattle and bulls, but there’s a unique show you can only find in the poultry barn.

Inside, the world’s smallest chicken breed takes center stage.

Every Serama chicken owner has a trick to get them to strut their stuff.

“I start them young. I use mealworms and use a clapper, and a cat toy, a cowbell,” said exhibitor Elizabeth King, who's showing 15 Seramas.

Tina Kozel used a squeaky toy to get Jupiter to flap and crow.

“I love it. They are so much fun," Kozel said. "They’re such a gentle, sweet little bird, and when you finally get one that does good on the table, you’re like a proud parent."

“Moms and dads are definitely more competitive than the birds,” Judge David Mills said.

Mills selected the winners, based on their 90 second performances.

“That’s what makes Seramas unique. They have a posing aspect, so whenever they’re on the table, I have my pen and use them to pull back,” he said.

As for King’s Seramas — they were among the birds that won ribbons and bragging rights.

If you missed Saturday, you can enjoy the stock show and rodeo for the next 3 1/2 weeks.

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