Women, Baby Survive Fall from Interstate 35 Overpass in Waco

Waco police say two women and a baby have survived falling about 30 feet from an Interstate 35 overpass after being hit by a vehicle during rainy weather.

Sgt. Patrick Swanton said the three were involved in an accident at mile marker 335 in the northbound lanes. He said that as they were waiting for emergency crews to arrive three other cars crashed into their vehicle.

A pickup truck involved in the second crash struck the two women, one of whom was holding the infant, knocking them off of the bridge. They fell approximately 30 feet below to 4th Street.

All three were transported to the hospital. Sgt. Swanton said that the two women reportedly suffered broken bones and internal injuries. The baby has only a scratch. Police believe that the baby was not injured further because the mother shielded the baby during the fall and did everything that she could to protect her child on impact with the roadway.

Sgt. Swanton identified the mother as Jennifer Duncan, 23, and the baby as 8-month-old Daniel Vela. Both are from Waco. The other woman was identified as Ashley Anderson, 25, from Keller.

A total of five vehicles were involved in the accident.

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