Women Arrested in Waco-Area Traffic Stop After Bodies Found in Plano

Women charged with possession of drugs, identifying information from the elderly

Two women arrested south of Waco are facing charges after being found in possession of identification matching two people, both in their 70s, found dead in Plano Sunday.

Deputies with the McLennan County Sheriff's Office described it as a "brutal crime scene."

The MCSO asked Plano police to perform a welfare check Sunday night at an apartment on the 2300 block of Pebble Vale Drive after two women were found to be driving vehicles that weren't theirs and in possession of identification that was not their own.

Police found the victims inside.

Neighbors said both were retired and that the woman recently moved in with the man. 

"He was retired and, you know, he was at home, at peace with his pets and then this happens to him and goes out like that," neighbor Yulina Sosa said.

An arrest warrant affidavit revealed Cynthia Wingate was stopped Sunday night near Bruceville-Eddy for a traffic violation and that the deputy found her to be in possession of credit/debit cards, social security cards and a driver's license "belonging to elderly subjects in Plano."

Deputies also found drugs in Wingate's car as well as two knives, one of which appeared to have blood on it.

"If there's blood on this knife that they're saying they've collected that comes back and matches our victim, or either one of our victims, obviously that's going to be a huge piece of evidence for us," Plano police officer David Tilley said.

While the stop was underway, a woman, identified as Carmen Moreno, exited a car that stopped in front of Wingate's and said she just wanted to obtain some property from the woman. While talking with the woman, deputies noticed what appeared to be blood on her jacket and put her in handcuffs.

While searching Moreno's vehicle, more drugs and identifying documents not belonging to either woman were found, officials said.

Deputies said after learning neither of the vehicles belonged to either Moreno or Wingate, they requested welfare checks for the owners and that's when Plano police found the bodies of a man and woman at one of the owner's addresses.

Where the second car came from has not been made clear.

Wingate has been charged with fraudulent possession of identifying information from an elderly person and Moreno has been charged with possession of a controlled substance. Additional charges are possible.

Neither Wingate nor Moreno have been charged in connection with the deaths in Plano and officials have not said how the man and woman died.

The victim's identities have not been confirmed.

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