Woman, Three Children Survive After Tornado Destroys Home

Home completely destroyed, but no injuries inside

In Forney's Diamond Creek neighborhood, beeping alarm systems alert homeowners to an unwelcome guest -- a guest that blasted out windows and took out walls.

Mother Nature made her way through this town, invited or not, leveling homes. Sherry Enoch's Forney home had nothing left but the back bathroom standing.
As the violent storm moved moved in, this mother and babysitter had three small children inside her home and saw the storm coming.
"I saw the funnel cloud coming toward the house. I was on the phone with my daughter and she said, 'Mom, do you think you need to take cover?', I said, 'Yeah, but I've got to get the babies,'" Enochs said.
As soon as she got the children huddled together, the storm blasted through her home.
"You know, after the tornado came, I was so devastated. During the tornado, I mean, I was screaming on the phone to my daughter, and told her, 'Hey, it's here, and I lost my cell phone,'" Enochs said. "She thought we were dead."
The storm tossed the children around, little Abigail was found in another part of the house, another young boy was found in the backyard.
Despite the total devastation, none of the four inside this home were seriously injured.
"I know. I don't know how we made it," Enochs said. "I don't know. But I'm glad we did. I've got a lot to live for." 
The home may not be standing, but Sherry said she's convinced someone was watching over her, after she fought a tornado and came out alive.
"There's gonna be a lot of changes in life, you know? The way you think, because it can happen to you, but I never thought it would ever happen."
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