Woman Slams NTTA for Arrest Warrant Over Tolls

Garland mother says she never received notices about unpaid tolls


A Garland woman says a warrant for her arrest was issued last week for unpaid tolls, even her toll tag account says she has a zero balance.

Sherry Oswald said she couldn’t believe her eyes when the bright red arrest warrant arrived in the mail last week.

"I was extremely upset when I found out there was a warrant for my arrest, because I thought, 'I could be driving my kids to school and gotten pulled over and taken to jail and not even know why,'" she said.

Oswald said the North Texas Tollway Authority not only wanted her arrested, it also wanted $7,400 in unpaid tolls, fines, fees and penalties dating back to 2006.

“We were sent nothing," she said. "I was given nothing in the mail, no notice at all.”

But her husband, Troy, said the family doesn't owe anything on its toll tag account. A statement dated March 22 shows a zero balance. He said the situation is frustrating and confusing.

“There’s no way to understand the bill," he said. "It’s not in a chronological order. There is no way to understand it.”

The North Texas Tollway Authority said Sherry Oswald should have received at least seven notices and warnings before her unpaid tolls went to warrant status.

The agency said Monday it would look into her case. NTTA spokeswoman Sherita Coffelt said the agency will forward the case to an independent auditor.

“In this particular instance, we have elevated it to the ombudsman to look into the whole account and make sure the customer is treated fairly," she said.

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