Intoxicated Woman Shot Inside Benbrook Home

An intoxicated woman is recovering after a shooting, Fort Worth Police say.

Police officers were sent to the woman's residence after receiving a shots fire call Friday at about 3:50 a.m.

When officers arrived at the scene police found an intoxicated woman, officials said.

A witness told police the woman was injured at her own home located at 4702 Old Benbrook. After that the woman ran towards a different home located at 4712 Old Benbrook, witness told police.

The intoxicated woman told officers that she had been shot in the stomach and head. The woman was evaluated by MedStar personnel, but no gunshot wounds were found.

The woman complained of other injuries and was then taken to a local hospital, said Fort Worth police.

Later that morning, officials at John Peter Smith Hospital notified the police that a gunshot wound had been discovered in another part of the woman's body.

She was taken into surgery and her current condition is not known.

Police said the investigation into the shooting is ongoing and that no arrests have been made.

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