Woman Says She Was Sold Old iPhone That She Thought Was New

When you shell out hundreds of dollars for a smartphone, you expect it to last. But a Dallas woman says that wasn't the case for her, so she called NBC 5 Responds for help.

Marilyn Dietz bought an iPhone 6 in May for her daughter. She believed it was slightly used, saying the store clerk at Metro PCS told her someone bought it and brought it back with 24 hours during the refund period.

Dietz got a discount and said things were great at first. But a few months later, she says the phone started dying even with a 100-percent full battery.

They brought it to the Apple Store in Southlake.

According to a document Dietz received, the techs at the store's Genius Bar reported her phone was in fact three years old. Its battery had been charged hundreds of times and was so old it needed to be replaced.

Dietz tried for weeks to get the issue fixed with Metro PCS but was told the owner of the store hadn't made a decision.

We reached out to the corporate office, and soon the problem was solved.

Metro PCS wouldn't comment to us, citing customer privacy, but Dietz told us she got a new phone and an apology from corporate.

You can't change the battery on an iPhone. Before you buy a used one, confirm the return policy in case the battery turns out to be a dud.

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