Fort Worth

Woman Says Passenger Fired Several Shots at Her for Honking at Driver

Police track down passenger's vehicle, find no evidence of gun play

A woman tells Fort Worth police someone fired at her multiple times in a case of road rage as she drove her kids to school Friday morning.

Fort Worth police said Friday afternoon the woman called police to report she'd honked at a driver on Long Avenue who was not moving after a traffic light turned green and that as she tried to pass the vehicle the driver swerved in front of her.

She said the passenger in the car then pointed a gun at her and fired several shots. The woman said she made note of the license plate number, backed off and took her two children, who were in the car, to school before calling police.

Using the license plate information, officers were able to located the vehicle at a residence. Police said they approached and interviewed two people they saw get out of the vehicle. The two said they heard shots during the altercation, got scared and took off.

Police said no weapon was found inside the vehicle or on the people and that no shell casings were found at the location where the shooting was reported to have taken place.

No injuries or damage was reported.

Fort Worth police said the case is being classified as a "suspect case" and designated for follow up.

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