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Woman Posing as Nurse Arrested for Assaulting Elderly Patient in Collin County

Deputies say a woman who was posing as a registered nurse has been arrested for assaulting a patient at an assisted care facility in Collin County.

Glenda Basanes, 44, was working at the Loving Care Home in Lucas when authorities said she assaulted a 92-year-old female patient June 21.

Court records showed Basanes grabbed the resident by her buttocks and shook the woman's backside. The resident told investigators she felt pain all the way up her back.

The Collin County Sheriff's Office said Basanes worked at the assisted care facility for 64 days, representing herself as a registered nurse. Investigators confirmed she was not licensed as a nurse and, during the investigation, learned Basanes was also accused of slapping an owner of the nursing home on the buttocks.

Basanes faces assault charges in both incidents along with a charge related to misrepresenting herself as a nurse.

The assisted living facility is owned by a husband and wife who said they took ownership in January.

Kelly Sparks, one of the owners of Loving Care Home, said Basanes applied for a resident aide position, but later told the owners she was a registered nurse.

When Sparks said her husband tried to confirm Basanes' license in an online database, it was down for maintenance. Sparks said when she tried to follow up, Basanes often had an excuse.

"I'll get it for you, but if you don't mind, can you come check somebody really quick? I think they're not having a good day," Sparks said of Basanes' responses. "Or, 'The sink is leaking and it's making a big mess.' Every single time, it was redirected."

Sparks said Basanes' stories began to unravel after Basanes allegedly hit Sparks. Sparks said she began to reach out to state agencies for guidance and decided to fire Basanes.

The Collin County Sheriff's Office said Basanes was fired June 21. Investigators began to receive criminal complaints about Basanes the next day and launched an investigation.

Investigators arrested Basanes on June 28 while she attempted to pick up her last check at the nursing home. Investigators searched Basanes and said they found $50,000 in counterfeit cash and less than a gram of THC oil, a controlled substance, in her possession.

It's not clear if Basanes worked at any other nursing homes prior to beginning her job at Loving Care. The sheriff's office said it was not aware of any other possible victims.

Texas Health and Human Services said it was investigating allegations of sexual abuse of residents at Loving Care Home. Investigators visited the facility July 2.

All long-term care facilities licensed by the state are required to check the Nurse Aide Registry and Employee Misconduct Registry when an employee is hired, and at least once a year to confirm the employee has not been barred from working in Texas due to allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

The agency said Loving Care hired Glenda Basanes as a caregiver and the facility conducted the required background screenings including a criminal background check and Employee Misconduct Registry/Nurse Aide Registry.

Basanes remains in Collin County Jail with a bond set at $62,000.

NBC 5's Holley Ford contributed to this report.

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