Woman on Roof Raising Awareness on Hunger

Woman will stay on church roof until 50,000 pounds of food are donated

A Kennedale woman is camping out on top of a church roof until 50,000 pounds of food donations are raised for local pantries.

Robin Evans -- tent, sleeping bag and all -- has been perched in the middle part of First United Methodist Church's roof since early Friday morning.

The food raised will be donated to various food pantries across Tarrant County.

Evans works on the neuro team in the NICU at Plaza Medical Center. She said it's important work -- but so is her annual food-raising campaign.

She is on a roof for the third year in a row. The first year, she went up in August. The past two years, she has gone up in June. Evans said she picks June because it is when children are out of school and she feels for those who rely on breakfast and lunch programs at school.

When people donate, they can pick which food pantry the food goes to or have it allocated to the kids' backpack program.

"No, she's not crazy, she is doing good job," said Esta Dunham, Evans' friend.

Dunham said she applauds her friend's effort -- especially in Texas weather. It's been hot and stormy lately.

"Her tent kind of wobbled with the wind last night," she said.

Evans only comes down for bathroom breaks that don't last long.

"As you can see it's a pitch, and we didn't want any Porta-Potty or camping potty just flying down, so, yes that's the only time I get to come down," she said.

Everything else takes place on the roof, including her version of a bath, which is simply performed with wet paper towels. She washes her hair with a water hose and has food hoisted to her in a basket, tree-house style.

"Everybody waves," she said. "They smile."

Evans also has quite a Facebook following Robin on the Roof fan page. Some of her followers are from different states including Nebraska and California.

"The beauty of it is ... they said, 'We'd love to help, but we're not there,'" she said. "And I thought, 'You don't have to be here. Find a food pantry there and just get involved. Give them $5. Go give them a sack of cans,' and they're like, 'Oh, I can do that.'"

Evans is close to reaching her goal and won't come down until she hits it. Last year, it took four days.

She said she is prepared to stay up at least two more more but will stay as long as necessary.

Evans is accepting any kind of nonperishable food or monetary donations. Evans said $1 can buy five pounds of food for a pantry.

All donations are being taken at the First United Methodist Church at 229 W. Fourth St. in Kennedale.

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