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Woman Loses Thousands of Dollars in Fake Check Scheme

The Better Business Bureau says never to deposit a check if the sender requests part of the money back

The Better Business Bureau is warning North Texans to watch out for fake checks being sent in the mail.

People across the area are losing money and it's happening more often. Several victims shared stories of how they were targeted.

One man was contacted and asked to paint a house, another to make a promotional video and Pamela Dunca was told she won the lottery.

"They said I won $5,000 and they wanted to send me a check in the mail," she told NBC 5 Responds.

The check came, she deposited it and was told she had to wire money back for fees and taxes.

That's a huge red flag.

Thousands of fake checks have been reported to the BBB this year alone.

It's enough to have the organization meeting with banks and the Federal Trade Commission. They're working together to come up with a way to help spot fake checks before people lose money.

Pamela's entire social security check went to cover the fake check she deposited. Her next two social security checks will be eaten up, too, just paying the bank back.

She had to turn to neighbors and friends just to get food to eat and pay her rent.

The Better Business Bureaus said it's working with banks trying to develop technology to help spot these fake checks as soon as you deposit them.

Even if it happens, the crooks will likely come up with another way to trick you.

So, consider yourself warned, never deposit a check for any reason if someone asks you to send them part of the money back.

NBC 5 Responds has reached out to Pamela's bank to see if it can work with her to pay the money back over time.

We will keep you posted on our efforts.

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